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creamy chicken pizza

creamy chicken pizza

creamy chicken pizza is western fast food with Ingredients for California Pizza Dough warm water, active dry yeast,honey,olive oil,all-purpose flour,salt and chicken

corn flakes cookies

corn flakes cookies

Black currant cake consists of several layers of chocolate cake, with whipped cream and cherries between each layer. Then the cake is decorated with additional whipped cream, maraschino cherries, and chocolate shavings

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake closely resembles a quick bread in method of preparation (all the wet ingredients, such as the eggs and sugar, are mixed, all the dry ingredients are mixed, and the wet are then added to the dry) and final consistency which is usually denser than a traditional cake and has a coarser crumb.

corn flakes cookies

corn flakes cookies

Corn flakes are a popular breakfast.The accidental legacy of corn flakes goes back to the late 19th century, when a team of Seventh-day Adventists began to develop new food to adhere to the vegetarian diet recommended by the church. Members of the group experimented with a number of different grains, including wheat, oats, rice, barley, and corn. werwe

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Gourmet Bakery's cakes are "Made for You" everyday, right here in our bakery. Freshness and quality ingredients are the standards we work to here. The bakery is our passion. We take great delight in crafting cakes and pastries often unique to our bakery ‘Just for You’. With the use of social media, we can let our customers know when special treats have come straight from the ovens.

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Menu Planners

Never take on more than two at a time. (potential mental health issues) Explain the use of the scale, and it's benifits. Show them how to sweep and mop a floor, then get them to make an illustrated poster and instruction sheet for the next students. I'm not kidding about this. Show them how to fill and operate a d/washer, how to scrape plates/utensils clean, and get one of them to make a poster and illustrated instructions for the next batch. Before you get them to operate a mixer, go to your local Worker's Comp. Board and get some "scary photos" of what kind of damage a 20 qt mixer can do to your arm/wrist, if you get it or hair/clothing caught in the mixer. When they do operate it, watch them like a tow trucker drivers looks at his watch at 2:55 pm,..... Get them to bring their "favorite recipie" in. Ask them for a suggested sales price, then give them a stack of old supplier's invoices and ask them to cost out their recipies. Make sure they make lots of cookies, It's somethig fairly simple and almost foolproof and gives them a lot of satisfaction. They gotta have fun too.....

Cake Design

Today, the company maintains the standards set by Jeya Kumar, and focuses on creating new styles and designing cakes to compliment each individual customer. Jeya Kumar’s Cake Designs pushes the envelope on creativity and design, while staying true to the promise of making sure every cake is as delicious as it is beautiful.


Over the years, we've tempted our readers with dessert recipes we've collected from all over the globe. We took a look at the recipe pages that people have bookmarked, linked to, and searched for the most. Unsurprisingly, cakes (especially chocolate) rule our readers' dessert cart. A few regional classics made appearances. Here are our most popular dessert recipes.

Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste (pun intended).

Birthday Cupcakes

Not ready to gorge on a delicious big cake? Try our cupcakes. These are small cakes, the size of an individual portion, baked in a cup-shaped mold and ideal for an evening snack or as an entree at your party. Cupcakes make a perfect no-reason-at-all gift for your loved one. This item is a box of 6 delicious cup cakes topped with a simple and elegant topping of fresh whipped cream or butter cream.

Home Delivery

just a couple of hours for the party and no one ordered the cake yet? No worries, that is why we have WarmOven. Select from a wide variety of cakes that are available for immediate delivery in any part of the city, all within a couple of hours. Fresh cakes of your choice of flavor, delivered at your doorsteps, anywhere werwer

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